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Your future is in your hand

Welcome to Thirdeye Investment

THIRDEYEIT.COM is a non-clearing member and an advisory service of forecasting the various online trading markets like commodity trading and currency market. Most accurate predictions are delivered after in-depth research on fundamentals and technical aspects of international markets.

We provide commodity tips in bullion, precious metals and energy ie: gold , silver, copper, Crude oil, Natural Gas, Heating oil and others .We have maintained at most steady accuracy of 85% to 90%. Our main clients are people who do intraday commodity trading and close all their positions in intraday basis. Our commodity calls will definitely make you enough money to even leave your present job.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently and professionally deliver to people around the world a remedy, fool-proof immunity, to the uncertain global economy, to help those people who have had burning desire to increase their income and gain a better quality of life; to show the individual that they themselves can be responsible for their own prosperity. We believe in conduction business through which both parties to the transaction are enriched. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping you to enrich your life at least.

We are committed to giving our customers the best services and holding to our core values which always place our client's interests first. These values are reflected in our Business Principles, which emphasize integrity, commitment to excellence, innovation and teamwork. Clients turn to Third Eye for its complete platform of commodity services combined with appropriate investment strategies.


Why Choose Third Eye

At Third Eye Investment we believe that it is not just the product or service that we are offering, it is a relationship we are building with our clients. Being a client you deserve a personal relationship based on trust, reliability, understanding and respect. This relationship is the underpinning from which we will support you in meeting your financial objective.

We are genuinely interested in your growth. When you work with us, we make sure we give you the right guidance and advice you deserve. From time to time, we offer you advice on how you can get the maximum from your investments. Sometimes our advice or view is contrarian to the markets, but that is what makes us different, because we don’t work on herd mentality. Our clients value us because of our different approach and the right advice they get from us. We work as a family – a Third Eye client is a client for the lifetime.

We can help you make more informed decisions through our in-depth, unbiased research. Whether you want help managing your own portfolio or want us to manage it for you, you’ll get investment guidance and portfolio planning that’s right for you. Our research team will offer excellent investment opportunities, will help you identify significant market trends, and will make sure that the information reaches you at the earliest. We provide an integrated approach of fundamental and technical research. Short-term or long-term, whatever is your investment objective, we will meet your needs. Our solitary objective is to help you achieve your goals.


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